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Dot Complicated: October 17, 2018

Host Randi Zuckerberg is joined by Adam Krause (Director, Gags: Terror Surrounds You), Jessica Morgan (Actress, United Brigade Comedy Theatre), Jeff Hiller (Actor, Comedian, United Citizens Brigade Theatre), Eric Gersen (Comedian, Musician, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre), and Bradley Sullivan (Owner, Wired Tight) on the Wednesday, October 17, 2018 edition of Dot Complicated.

Air Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 on SiriusXM 132

Hosted By

Adam Krause & Bradley Sullivan

Air Time: 12:00 pm
Featuring: Adam Krause, Bradley Sullivan

Eric Gersen, Jeff Hiller, and Jessica Morgan

Air Time: 12:00 am
Featuring: Jessica Morgan, Jeff Hiller, Eric Gersen

Featured Guests

Adam Krause

Director, Gags: Terror Surrounds You


VR Film Trailer: https://www.facebook.com/gagstheclown/videos/gags-terror-surrounds-you-trailer-360%C2%BA-vr/1993130337366044/
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Jessica Morgan

Actress, United Brigade Comedy Theatre


Jessica Morgan is a New York City based actress, improviser, educator, and director. After receiving a BFA in musical theatre from Missouri State University, Jessica relocated to New York to begin her education at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  Jessica currently performs at the Broadway Comedy Club with Blank! The Musical, a full length improvised musical, and at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with the weekend team Bucky and with the musical improv team Rumpleteaser. Jessica is also a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company. With TourCo, she not only performs at universities and corporate events, she also teaches workshops that places an emphasis on simple agreement and emotional play.
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Jeff Hiller

Actor, Comedian, United Citizens Brigade Theatre


Jeff Hiller is an actor and comedian based in New York City. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Jeff is a graduate of Texas Lutheran University where he studied Theatre and Theology (it made sense at the time). After moving to New York, Jeff studied improv and sketch comedy at the UCB Theatre, performing with house teams “Police Chief Rumble” (ECNY award, Best Sketch Group), “Creep”, “The Scam”, and “People People”. He is a member of “Baby Wants Candy” performing fully improvised musicals from scratch, and has taught improvisation at the UCB Theatre training center. Jeff plays every Saturday night at UCB Hell’s Kitchen with The Curfew  as well as with the flagship show, ASSCAT3000 on Sunday nights.
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Eric Gersen

Comedian, Musician, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre


Eric Gersen is a comedian and musician from New York City who once played piano for Mariah Carey.

He is a performer and teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCBT), where he has performed on the theatre’s Harold Night, and currently performs with the Musical Improv Team Rumpleteaser, which he directs and musically accompanies. He just completed a run of his solo show, Gersenality: One Man’s Search for Google Greatness.

He is the writer, lyricist, and composer of the musical Seventeen Seventy-Something which ran for a year at the UCBT. He is currently developing a longer version.

He is the also Associate Music Director of the Story Pirates, and their new Podcast, as well as the co-host and musical guide for the UCB Podcast Headplace. He is a composer for Improv Everywhere, and he has composed music for various TV Shows including TruTV’s Impractical Jokers, as well as web series, podcasts, short films, and videos across the internet.
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Bradley Sullivan

Owner, Wired Tight


Born in Arizona and raised in Wisconsin, Bradley knew that he wanted to have a career in film since the age of 11. He began making his first films as class projects, and worked as a wedding videographer throughout his high school years. After traveling the country with the volunteer organization AmeriCorps NCCC in 2005, he attended the Zaki Gordon Institute of Independent Filmmaking in Sedona, Arizona. Upon moving to Austin, Texas in 2008, he worked on the feature films Bandslam, Shorts, Expecting Mary, A Thousand Cuts and Hit & Run. Throughout 2012 he was a producer for F+W Media Outdoors’ television shows for NBC Sports and The Sportsman Channel. In 2013, his critically acclaimed feature-film debut as writer and director “I Didn’t Come Here To Die” was released internationally. After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2015, Bradley founded the production company Wired Tight — where he works with some of the most exciting professionals and technology in the world of video today. His latest 360VR project “Gags: Terror Surrounds You” recently won Best VR Experience at the San Pedro International Film Festival, and is currently available on Facebook and YouTube.

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