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Knowledge@Wharton: December 20, 2018

Host Dan Loney is joined by David Olson (Professor, Loyola University Chicago), William Carbone (Professor of Criminal Justice, University of New Haven), and Jeffrey Brown Ph.D. (Dean and Professor of Business, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois) on the Thursday, December 20, 2018 edition of Knowledge@Wharton.

Air Date: Thursday, December 20, 2018 on SiriusXM 132

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David Olson

Air Time: 10:00 am
Featuring: David Olson

Jeff Brown, PhD

Air Time: 10:30 am
Featuring: Jeffrey Brown Ph.D.

William Carbone

Air Time: 10:00 am
Featuring: William Carbone

Featured Guests

David Olson

Professor, Loyola University Chicago


David Olson is a Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department at Loyola University Chicago, and is also the Co-Director of Loyola’s interdisciplinary Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy and Practice. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Olson worked at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, where he was the director of Illinois’ Statewide Drug and Violent Crime Control Strategy Impact Evaluation Program and was responsible for overseeing the evaluation and monitoring of federally funded drug control efforts in the State of Illinois. During his 30+ years in the field of criminal justice, David has worked with a variety of federal, state and local agencies to develop and evaluate programs and policies, particularly in the area of community and institutional corrections, and to support objective, empirically-based and data-driven strategic planning efforts.

Dr. Olson received his B.S. in Criminal Justice from Loyola University Chicago, his M.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and his Ph.D. in Political Science/Public Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was the recipient of the Assistant United States Attorney General’s Graduate Research Fellowship.
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William Carbone

Professor of Criminal Justice, University of New Haven


William Carbone is an expert on juvenile justice reform and reducing offender recidivism in the probation population. During his tenure as executive director of the Court Support Services Division of the state of Connecticut’s Judicial Branch, Professor Carbone led a multi-year effort to reform the state’s juvenile justice system, leading to Connecticut achieving the greatest reduction in juvenile incarceration in the United States. As executive director, he managed more than 1,600 employees in adult and juvenile probation, family services, juvenile detention, alternative sanctions, and pretrial release programs. He also supervised more than 55,000 adult probation cases and 6,000 juvenile detention and probation cases daily, with an annual budget of close to $200 million. Under his leadership, Connecticut became a national model of juvenile justice reform, and he helped develop innovative strategies for offender assessment, technology, and programming.

Professor Carbone is an expert on the impact of prison sentences on youthful offenders as well as status offenders, diversion, recidivism reduction, the harm of institutionalization, and family dysfunction. He is frequently quoted in the media about juvenile justice issues as well as issues related to the adult prison population, including prison overcrowding, bail practices, domestic violence, and offender rehabilitation.

He is the executive director of the Tow Youth Justice Institute, a University, state, and private partnership established to advance juvenile justice reform through collaborative planning and policy development, training, research, and advocacy efforts. He oversees research, facilitates data collection from state agencies, and develops recommendations for better policies and practices in youth justice. He developed the Institute’s Leadership Development Program – for mid-level managers who are actively involved in youth justice, including people working in law enforcement/policing, state and local government, public and private agencies, and nonprofits, as well as middle and high school teachers, parents, advocates, and community and faith leaders – to further juvenile justice reform.

Professor Carbone runs the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences’ internship and service-learning programs. He is a past recipient of the Center for Children’s Advocacy’s Champion for Children Award. He received his MPA from the University of New Haven and his B.A. from Providence College.

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Jeffrey Brown Ph.D.

Dean and Professor of Business, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois


Jeffrey R. Brown is Josef and Margot Lakonishok Professor of Business and Dean of the College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also serves as the Director of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Retirement Research Center in Cambridge, MA.  He previously served as the founding director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at the University of Illinois.

Dean Brown holds a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a masters of public policy degree from Harvard University, and bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science from Miami University. He is a research associate of NBER, a faculty affiliate of the Institute on Government and Policy Affairs, and a fellow of the TIAA-CREF Institute.

Brown serves as a trustee for TIAA, a Fortune 100 financial services company, and currently chairs the TIAA audit committee. He is also a member of the Governing Board for the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) in Washington, DC.  He serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Managers of UI Singapore Research LLC.  He is also a member of the advisory board for the Tax Policy Center, a joint initiative of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute.  He previously served on the board of the American Risk and Insurance Association.

Prior to joining the Illinois faculty, Brown was an assistant professor of public policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. From 2001-2002, he served as senior economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers. In 2001 he also served on the staff of the President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security. In 2006, President Bush nominated, and the Senate confirmed, Brown as a member of the bipartisan Social Security Advisory Board.  He also served on the 2015 Social Security Technical Panel.

Brown has published extensively on public and private insurance markets, including articles in TheAmerican Economic Review, The Journal of Political Economy, The Journal of Finance, The Journal of Financial Economics, and numerous other journals and books. He is the recipient of the Lumina Award for Outstanding Research in Insurance and E-Commerce, the Paul A. Samuelson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Writing on Lifelong Financial Security, the ARIA Early Career Scholarly Achievement Award, and the RIIA Achievement in Applied Retirement Research Award. He was also named a University Scholar by the University of Illinois in 2011.

Brown has edited four books, the most recent of which explores how the Great Recession affected higher education. He is a co-founder and former co-editor of The Journal of Pension Economics and Finance and an associate editor of The Journal of Risk and Insurance. He has served as a consultant to numerous federal government agencies as well as many of the leading US financial services firms. Prior to graduate school, he was a brand manager at the Procter & Gamble Company.
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