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Knowledge@Wharton: September 14, 2018

Host Dan Loney is joined by Mariana Mazzucato (Professor and Chair in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value; Founder and Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose, University College London (UCL) ), Sue McDonnell (Founding Head of Equine Behavior Program, Penn Vet), Richard Prisinzano (Senior Economist, Penn Wharton Budget Model), Carlo Siracusa (Clinical Assistant Professor of Behavior Medicine; Director of Ryan Hospital’s Companion Animal Behavior Medicine Service, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine), Lori McMillan (Professor of Law, Washburn University School of Law), and Geoffrey Garrett (Dean, The Wharton School) on the Friday, September 14, 2018 edition of Knowledge@Wharton.

Air Date: Friday, September 14, 2018 on SiriusXM 132

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Richard Prisinzano and Lori McMillan

Air Time: 10:00 am
Featuring: Richard Prisinzano, Lori McMillan

Dean Geoffrey Garrett

Air Time: 10:30 am
Featuring: Geoffrey Garrett

Dr. Carlo Siracusa and Dr. Sue McDonnell

Air Time: 11:00 am
Featuring: Sue McDonnell, Carlo Siracusa

Mariana Mazzucato

Air Time: 11:30 am
Featuring: Mariana Mazzucato

Featured Guests

Mariana Mazzucato

Professor and Chair in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value; Founder and Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose, University College London (UCL)


She is winner of the 2014 New Statesman SPERI Prize in Political Economy, the 2015 Hans-Matthöfer-Preis, and the 2018 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought. She was named as one of the ‘3 most important thinkers about innovation‘ by the New Republic.

Her highly-acclaimed book The Entrepreneurial State: debunking public vs. private sector myths (Anthem 2013; Public Affairs, 2015) was on the 2013 Books of the Year list of the Financial Times. It investigates the role of public organizations in playing the ‘investor of first resort’ role in the history of technological change—and the danger of ignoring this in economic theory and policy. She is co-editor of Rethinking Capitalism: Economics and Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth (Wiley Blackwell, July 2016). Her new book The Value of Everything: making and taking in the global economy was published in April 2018 in the UK by Penguin (Allen Lane), and was launched in the USA in September 2018 by Public Affairs. It was shortlisted for this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year prize.

Professor Mazzucato advises policy makers around the world on innovation-led inclusive growth and is currently a member of the Scottish Government’s Council of Economic Advisors; the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Leadership Council; and SITRA’s Advisory Panel in Finland.  She is currently a Special Advisor for the EC Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, and has recently authored a high impact EC report Mission-Oriented Research & Innovation in the European Union. She is also a Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the OECD, Angel Gurría, for the OECD’s New Growth Narrative.

She publishes in a wide array of academic journals and her current research is funded by international grants including from the European Commission, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.

Watch her recent talk at the British Library on new book The Value of Everything, part of our lecture series on public value.

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Sue McDonnell

Founding Head of Equine Behavior Program, Penn Vet


Dr. Sue McDonnell is a native Pennsylvanian, raised in a dairy farming family in the anthracite coal regions north of Scranton. She holds a 1982 master’s degree in Psychology from West Chester University and a 1985 PhD in Reproductive Physiology and Behavior from the University of Delaware. She completed post doctoral study in clinical veterinary reproduction at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center in 1987 and became board certified in Applied Animal Behavior in 1991. She is the founding head of the Equine Behavior Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, where her work includes clinical, research, and teaching activities focused on horse behavior. Dr. McDonnell includes all types of behavior in her clinical case load, with stallion behavior as an area of particular interest and expertise.

Dr. McDonnell’s research interests include several areas within equine physiology, behavior and welfare. She has also traveled to study equids throughout the world. In addition to laboratory and field studies, she maintains a semi-feral herd of ponies specifically for the study of their physiology and behavior under semi-natural conditions. This affords veterinary and animal behavior students the opportunity for long-term observation of equine social and developmental behavior and for first-hand comparison of horse behavior under free-running and traditional domestic conditions.

Dr. McDonnell is the author of two introductory level books on horse behavior entitled Understanding Horse Behavior, and Understanding Your Horse’s Behavior, published by The Blood Horse in their Horse Health Care Library Series, and the recently released catalog of horse behavior, The Equid Ethogram, A Practical Field Guide to Horse Behavior, published by Eclipse Press. Along with Dr. Danny Mills, she co-edited The Domestic Horse: Evolution, Development and Management. Among Dr. McDonnell’s honors are The George Stubbs Award given by the American Association of Equine Practitioners for contributions to equine veterinary medicine by a non-veterinarian and a Gold Medal from the Agricultural University of Krakow, Poland, their highest honor for distinguished scientific collaboration.
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Richard Prisinzano

Senior Economist, Penn Wharton Budget Model


Richard Prisinzano came to the Penn Wharton Budget Model after 13 years in the Office of Tax Analysis at the U.S. Department of Treasury. While at OTA, Richard worked on the taxation of pass-through entities and small businesses and coauthored Treasury Reports on the owners of pass-through businesses and helped develop Treasury’s methodology for identifying small businesses from tax return data. He has also published papers on gasoline taxes, tax migration of millionaires, and major league baseball managers and has also taught econometrics and sports economics at Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University. He holds a B.S. in Economics and Political Science from James Madison University, an M.A. in Economics from Miami University, and a Ph.D. and M.S. in Economics from the University of Texas.
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Carlo Siracusa

Clinical Assistant Professor of Behavior Medicine; Director of Ryan Hospital’s Companion Animal Behavior Medicine Service, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine



DVM (Veterinary Medicine) University of Messina (Italy), 2002

PhD (Animal Medicine & Health) Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2009

MS (Veterinary Clinical and Applied Ethology) Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2006
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Lori McMillan

Professor of Law, Washburn University School of Law


Professor McMillan received a Master of Laws in International Taxation from New York University School of Law, and is substantially finished with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence in taxation from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

Before joining the faculty at Washburn University School of Law, Professor McMillan was a visiting professor at Queen’s University at Kingston Law School, International Study Centre, where she taught international taxation law. She also taught business law to students at Ryerson University School of Business, and was an instructor in the Legal Research and Writing Program at Osgoode Hall Law School. Professor McMillan also was an associate lawyer with the Taxation Group of the law firm of Fasken Campbell Godfrey/Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, and worked as tax counsel to Arthur Andersen & Co. (in both U.S. and Canadian tax law), after starting her legal career at Goodman & Goodman/Goodman Phillips and Vineberg. She has worked extensively in and with foreign legal offices and clients, involved in tax planning for inbound and outbound transactions, both from a domestic U.S. and Canadian tax perspective, as well as from an international and tax treaty stand-point.

Twitter – @washburnlaw
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Geoffrey Garrett

Dean, The Wharton School


Geoffrey Garrett is Dean, Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise, and Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He became Dean of the Wharton School in 2014, having been a member of the Wharton faculty in the Management Department from 1995 to 1997. Prior to his return to Penn, Dr Garrett was dean of the business schools at both the University of Sydney and UNSW in his native Australia.

A distinguished international political economist, Garrett served as President of the Pacific Council on International Policy in Los Angeles and Dean of the UCLA International Institute before his return to Australia in 2008. Earlier in his career, Garrett held appointments at Oxford, Stanford and Yale universities. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Social Sciences, a Trustee of the Asia Foundation in San Francisco, a Member of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, and he serves on the Advisory Board of Global Policy.

Dr. Garrett is a well-respected commentator on global business, economics and politics in major media outlets, such as the Los Angeles Times, China’s Global Times, Le Monde, The Times of India, and South China Morning Post. Additionally, he was a speaker at TEDx Sydney, has contributed to Foreign Affairs, writes frequent blog posts on LinkedIn and is active on Twitter.

His academic publications include “Partisan Politics in the Global Economy,” “The Global Diffusion of Markets and Democracy,” and “The Encyclopedia of Political Science.” Dr. Garrett has led C-suite executive education programs on the global economy for Columbia, Stanford, UCLA and Wharton, and in Australia he developed thought-leadership collaborations with companies, including Chevron, Dow Chemical, GE, News Corporation and Northrup Grumman.

Dr. Garrett holds a BA (Honors) from the Australian National University, and an MA and PhD from Duke University where he was a Fulbright Scholar.
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