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Launch Pad: June 19, 2019

Host Rob Coneybeer is joined by Jeff Glueck (Chief Executive Officer, Foursquare), Stefan Seltz-Axmacher (Co-Founder, CEO, Starsky Robotics), Dan Widmaier (Co-Founder, CEO, Bolt Threads), and Carl Showalter (COO, Fetch Robotics, Inc.) on the Wednesday, June 19, 2019 edition of Launch Pad.

Air Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 on SiriusXM 132

Hosted By

Jeff Glueck

Air Time: 7:00 pm
Featuring: Jeff Glueck

Dan Widmaier

Air Time: 7:30 pm
Featuring: Dan Widmaier

Carl Showalter

Air Time: 8:00 pm
Featuring: Carl Showalter

Stefan Seltz-Axmacher

Air Time: 8:30 pm
Featuring: Stefan Seltz-Axmacher

Featured Guests

Jeff Glueck

Chief Executive Officer, Foursquare


Jeff has grown Foursquare into a leading location technology platform with a suite of enterprise, developer and marketer tools, as well as consumer apps. 2017 marked the company’s third consecutive year of more than 50% revenue growth. Foursquare powers location for companies as diverse as Samsung, Snapchat, Tencent, Tinder, Twitter, Uber, and thousands of others.

Prior to joining Foursquare, Jeff was CEO of Skyfire Labs, a Silicon Valley-based mobile technology company acquired by Opera Software. He co-founded site59.com, an online travel company that grew to over $100 million in sales in two years, and was acquired by Travelocity. In the following seven years he served as chief marketing officer at Travelocity, where sales expanded from $3 billion to $11 billion globally, he introduced

the “roaming gnome” and launched a fast-growing contextual advertising business. Previously, Jeff was a strategy consultant at Monitor Company and served as a White House Fellow in the Clinton Administration.

He holds a master’s degree from Oxford as a Marshall Scholar and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College.

Twitter – @JeffGlueck
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Dan Widmaier

Co-Founder, CEO, Bolt Threads


Dan Widmaier is the co-founder and CEO of Bolt Threads. Dan earned his PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from UC San Francisco, where his graduate research involved designing genetic circuits to control microbial organelles. In 2009, he and his two co-founders founded Bolt Threads, which is creating the next generation of materials using biomimicry and biotechnology.
Harnessing his experience in both science, and business development, Dan has grown Bolt Threads from an incubator start-up to a biomaterials platform company with 100+ employees. He has led Bolt Threads through multiple fundraising rounds, created lasting partnerships with brands like Stella McCartney and Patagonia, and launched an increasing number of commercially available products using Bolt Threads materials.


Twitter- @dwidmaier
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Carl Showalter

COO, Fetch Robotics, Inc.


Carl Showalter is Chief Operating Officer at Fetch Robotics where he oversees all of the company’s business operations. Prior to Fetch Robotics, Carl spent 14 years as a venture capitalist. He was Founder and General Partner at Opus Capital and previously a General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Prior to that, Carl served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Juniper Networks where he built and led a global marketing and product management organization. Before his time at Juniper Networks, Carl served as Vice President of Dial and Broadband Services for UUNET where he oversaw a 300-person division generating more than $1 billion in revenue.


Twitter- @carlshow
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Stefan Seltz-Axmacher

Co-Founder, CEO, Starsky Robotics


Stefan Seltz-Axmacher is CEO and co-founder of Starsky Robotics, a driverless truck startup launched in August 2016, which aims to make roads safer and allow truck drivers to work closer to home. Starsky Robotics began moving freight on the highway in February 2017, and on June 16, 2019 the company drove a fully unmanned truck on an open road at 55 mph. So far Starsky has raised a $16.5 million Series A round led by Shasta Ventures, with substantial contributions from previous investors like Y Combinator, Trucks.vc, 50 Years, 9Point Ventures, and many others.

Prior to founding Starsky Robotics, Stefan worked with a number of Silicon Valley startups, partnering with innovators in logistics and engineering fields. He holds a degree in international business from Drexel University.

Twitter- @starskyrobotics
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