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Launch Pad: October 17, 2018

Hosts Karl Ulrich and Rob Coneybeer are joined by Yuja Chang (Co-founder, Aira), Jeff Wilson (Founder & Professor, Kasita), Yunha Kim (Founder & CEO, Simple Habit), and Jason Nazar (Co-Founder, CEO, Comparably) on the Wednesday, October 17, 2018 edition of Launch Pad.

Air Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 on SiriusXM 132

Yunha Kim

Air Time: 8:30 pm
Featuring: Yunha Kim

Yuja Chang

Air Time: 8:00 pm
Featuring: Yuja Chang

Jason Nazar

Air Time: 8:30 pm
Featuring: Jason Nazar

Jeff Wilson

Air Time: 7:00 pm
Featuring: Jeff Wilson

Featured Guests

Yuja Chang

Co-founder, Aira


Aira is a tech startup that combines AR + AI technology with human IQ to give legally blind people the augmented ability to access the entire visual world that sighted people take for granted.

Yuja co-founded Aira with his business partner, Suman Kanuganti, back in 2015. With a keen interest in applying his creativity and expertise in technology to design innovations that improve the lives of others, Yuja was able to fulfill his ambition at Aira.

Outside of work, Yuja enjoys working out, reading, traveling, and exploring different types of cuisine.


Twitter- @airaio
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Jeff Wilson

Founder & Professor, Kasita


Jeff Wilson is an academic, entrepreneur and performance artist based in New York City. He is founder at the award-winning micro housing company Kasita. Named one of Inc’s 25 most disruptive companies in the world, Kasita homes are 350 sq.ft., incredibly smart, and beautifully designed. Formerly, Dr. Wilson was a Professor and Dean also known as ‘Professor Dumpster’. He lived in a 33 sq. ft. modified trash dumpster for a year as part of a minimalist housing experiment. Wilson has authored dozens of scientific articles, was named the University of Texas System’s top assistant professor, and did his postdoctoral work at Harvard. Wilson’s work on sustainability, minimalism, and social experimentation has been featured in The Atlantic, NY Times, and The Washington Post. Beyond startups and dumpster diving, Professor Dumpster enjoys traveling – in another experiment he took a girl he met online for a whirlwind date across seven countries in 21 days – with only the clothes on his and her backs (a book and soon to be a movie).


Twitter- @ProfDumpster
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Yunha Kim

Founder & CEO, Simple Habit


Yunha Kim is the CEO and Founder of Simple Habit, a 5-meditation app for busy people that offers meditations for any situation or mood- including before a date, can’t sleep, or feeling nervous. These bite-sized, on the go meditations are guided by 100+ world-class meditation teachers.

Since launch, Simple Habit has inspired more than 2 million people from around the world to meditate. Simple Habit is recognized by Google Play as a best app of 2018. The app is also ranked #1 in the Apple Store. Simple Habit is backed by Y Combinator, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and many prominent CEOs in Silicon Valley including Dropbox’s CEO Drew Houston and Gusto’s CEP Joshua Reeves.

Kim began her career in investment banking and built her first startup Lockjet when she was 23 years old. Kim began to mediate to help manage stress of startup life. The idea to build a more diverse, practical meditation app came to Kim when she was pursuing her MBA at Stanford. She dropped out of Stanford after one semester to build Simple Habit into the leading meditation platform for busy, stressed out people. In 2017, Kim was honored by Forbes 30 Under 30 and Marie Claire’s New Guard.


Twitter- @simplehabitapp
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Jason Nazar

Co-Founder, CEO, Comparably


Jason Nazar is one of the most active tech entrepreneurs and investors in southern California, and is a popular contributor for Wall Street Journal, Forbes, INC, and Business Insider. He’s founder/CEO of Comparably, an online platform that makes workplace compensation and culture dramatically more transparent. Prior to Comparably, he founded Docstoc — the largest small business content site with over 50 million members — before he sold it to Intuit in 2013 for a reported $50M. Named one of the most admired CEOs by the Los Angeles Business Journal, Jason is currently Entrepreneur in Residence for the City of Los Angeles, appointed by Mayor Garcetti.

Twitter – @Comparably

Personal Site – http://www.jasonnazar.com/
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