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Launch Pad: September 18, 2019

Host Karl Ulrich is joined by Bill Creelman (Founder, Spindrift), Mason Arnold (Founder, Cece’s Veggie Co.), and Cindy Eckert (Founder & CEO, The Pink Ceiling, Sprout Pharmaceuticals) on the Wednesday, September 18, 2019 edition of Launch Pad.

Air Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 on SiriusXM 132

Hosted By

Cindy Eckert

Air Time: 7:00 pm
Featuring: Cindy Eckert

Mason Arnold

Air Time: 8:00 pm
Featuring: Mason Arnold

Bill Creelman

Air Time: 8:30 pm
Featuring: Bill Creelman

Featured Guests

Bill Creelman

Founder, Spindrift


Bill Creelman is the Founder of Spindrift. Spindrift is America’s first sparkling water made with just real squeezed fruit.

Bill Creelman grew up immersed in a world of fresh, real ingredients. On a farm in Western Massachusetts, everything was unprocessed, seasonal, and fresh. In the summer, his family would head to Nantucket Island, where they’d forage for beach plums and catch the fish they’d eat for dinner. To Bill, real, whole ingredients were just second nature.

Fast-forward to 2010, when farm-to-table started trending and ingredient-conscious eating turned mainstream, Bill was introducing his own family to real, whole foods. But, like most people, he found himself reaching for diet sodas in an attempt to “be healthier”.  The irony of pairing an artificially sweetened soda with carefully crafted, real farm-to-table meals was not lost on him.

But as he taught his young children the value of real homegrown ingredients, he couldn’t find a drink that fit. So Bill decided to make his own. Cue lots of experimentation, trial-and-error, and a whole lot of juicing in Bill’s kitchen; Spindrift Beverage Co. was born. The first sparkling water made with all traceable ingredients and fruit from family farms.

Today, Bill isn’t doing quite as much juicing – but he still works on the creation of every Spindrift flavor, tasting each fruit concoction our Innovation Team mixes up.
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Mason Arnold

Founder, Cece’s Veggie Co.


Mason is a serial entrepreneur with fresh food, organics and sustainability always at the core. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a chemical engineering degree, Mason dove head first into affecting change when it came to how chemical use affects our planet, our food and our bodies. After founding EarthAction Landscaping, an environmentally-responsible lawn care company which grew for two years and sold, Arnold moved into organics and food and founded Greenling.com, the first and largest Local/Organic grocery delivery service in Texas serving all major metros, which sold in 2015.  His current venture, Cece’s® Veggie Co., disrupted the produce department by pioneering the first pre-packaged, USDA certified Organic spiralized vegetables. Founded in 2015, Cece’s innovative fresh-cut veggie products have been recognized with awards from the leading trade associations in the produce industry, the United Fresh Produce Association and Produce Marketing Association.

In addition to founding businesses that support organics and sustainability, Mason is committed to service to support change overall. In 2018, Mason joined the board of the United Fresh Produce Association and is an inaugural member of the organization’s Organic Working Group. A longtime Organic agriculture activist, he drafted legislation and created the Organic Advisory Board to the Texas Department of Agriculture and formed the Organic Association of Texas, a legislative action and lobbying group for the Organic agriculture industry in Texas. He is an avid mentor and has served on numerous non-profit boards, including the Sustainable Food Center. Mason also helped bring the Slow Money movement to Central Texas by forming Slow Money Austin, an organization that aims to facilitate the flow of capital to local food systems.

Mason was honored with the United FreshMKT Achievement Award in 2018 for outstanding achievement and innovation in the marketing and merchandising of fresh produce, and was crowned ‘Eco Leader of the Year’ by the Austin Business Journal in 2010.

Mason and his businesses have also received national innovation awards from Dell and PC Magazine, and more than 25 diverse awards across various outlets, including being crowned ‘Best Local Food Company’ 9 years in a row in the Austin Chronicle. Mason has received national media attention for his companies including feature stories in the New York Times, Business Week, Entrepreneur magazine, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, radio appearances on NPR’s On Point, and others.
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Cindy Eckert

Founder & CEO, The Pink Ceiling, Sprout Pharmaceuticals


Cindy Eckert is the Founder & CEO of The Pink Ceiling and Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Over a distinguished 24-year career, in only the last 10 alone she has started and sold two businesses for more than $1.5B. She redefined testosterone treatment for men and then immediately started and sold a new venture that broke through with the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women — dubbed “female Viagra” by the media. After selling the company for $1B in 2015, she successfully fought to get the drug back and launch it on her own terms.

Cindy has made waves, and made her own success, creating mission driven companies that deliver big. Her results have become a widely covered business success story featured in major media outlets. She is most proud of helping other entrepreneurs take command. The profoundly positive impact those companies have made in people’s lives is what keeps her coming back for more.
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