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Women@Work: October 19, 2016

Host Laura Zarrow is joined by Josh Levs (Communications consultant and gender equality activist; author, journalist, U.N. Global Champion for Gender Equality, #HeForShe ambassador, Financial Times’ “Top 10 male feminist”) and Shaun Harper (Executive Director, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education; Higher Education Professor, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education) on the Wednesday, October 19, 2016 edition of Women@Work.

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Josh Levs

Communications consultant and gender equality activist; author, journalist, U.N. Global Champion for Gender Equality, #HeForShe ambassador, Financial Times’ “Top 10 male feminist”


Josh Levs is a journalist, expert on issues facing modern families and author of All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses–And How We Can Fix It Together. New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow called it “fantastic;” the Washington Post’s Brigid Schulte called it a “must read,” and the Chicago Tribune called it “fascinating.” All In was named one of the top books of 2015 by NewsOne. And it won the Nautilus Gold Award, given to “books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities, and global citizens,” with a focus on “exceptional literary contributions.”

The Financial Times named Levs one of the top 10 male feminists. U.N. Women named him a Global Champion of Gender Equality. A New York Times front-page story referred to him as “a pioneer.” Forbes asked in a headline, “Can This Man Get Corporate America To Rethink An Anti-Dad Culture?” His three-person team won a debate on feminism at the historic Oxford Union. And Levs appeared on the cover of Boss Magazine’s May 2016 issue. (See dozens of articles at joshlevs.com/news-reviews.)

All In is endorsed by Maria Shriver, Bob Saget, the president of Change.org, a top official at Twitter, Roland Martin and numerous other prominent figures. It is “groundbreaking” and “should be mandatory reading for every CEO, HR, benefits and similar” professional, said Debra Isaacs Schafer, CEO of Education Navigation.

Levs keynotes and moderates events for all sorts of groups, businesses, and conferences. His appearances have included the United Nations (video), General Electric, the Forward Festival, the Perceptions Conference, Google (video), Twitter, the Mom 2.0 Summit, the Dad 2.0 Summit, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, the Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy, the Inter-American Development Bank, Chicago Women in Business, and the Cutting Edge Conference. At the Texas and Massachusetts Conferences for Women, he co-presented with Liberty Mutual.

After 20 years of reporting for NPR and CNN, Levs — a father of three — focuses his book on dispelling myths about today’s dads and moms, and explaining the necessity of new policies such as paid family leave. All In shows that men and women gain from these changes. Levs follows the money, detailing how and why the best family-friendly programs benefit businesses and the economy.

Levs tells his own story of taking on a policy at Time Warner that prevented him from being able to care for his newborn, preemie daughter and sick wife. As a result of his actions and the publicity surrounding them, the company revolutionized its policy, making it much better for dads and moms. The change made the company better and stronger.

Levs met with Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill, pushing support for paid family leave. He was invited to a meeting with Valerie Jarrett of the White House. (“We need to bottle you up and take you around the country,” she told him at a public meeting.) And Levs teamed up with the nonpartisan New Hampshire Women’s Foundation to successfully make paid family leave a key issue in the presidential race. The Nashua Chamber of Commerce described Levs as “a man that deeply values not only his family and personal life, but also the importance of innovation and business.” Levs was part of the successful fight in 2016 to pass a paid family leave law in the state of New York.

In motivational talks, such as his popular TEDx Talk, he tells the story of creating his own career, doing the unexpected, and reaping the rewards.

Levs has received many of the highest honors in journalism, including six Peabody Awards and two Edward R. Murrow Awards. A scholarship was awarded in his name at his alma mater, Yale University, and he was named a Journalist of the Year by the Atlanta Press Club.

Twitter – @JoshLevs
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Shaun Harper

Executive Director, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education; Higher Education Professor, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education


Dr. Shaun Harper is a powerful advocate for equity in all avenues of our culture and societal structures. A Professor of Higher Education and Executive Director and the founder of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Shaun writes and conducts research on topics that deeply impact lives of traditionally underserved populations. Dr. Harper’s research examines race and gender in education, Black and Latino male student success in high school and higher education, and equity trends on college campuses, among other topics regarding equity.

Dr. Harper founded the Center in 2011. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and other academic publications. He has been published in the Review of Research in Education, Teachers College Record, Harvard Educational Review, Journal of Higher Education, Review of Higher Education, and the Journal of College Student Development. Dr. Harper’s twelve books include Advancing Black Male Student Success from Preschool through Ph.D.

Dr. Harper is the president-elect of the Association for the Study of Higher Education and an elected member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Executive Council. Dr. Harper serves on editorial boards for the Journal of Higher Education and the American Educaitonal Research Journal. Dr. Harper received the 2010 Early Career Award from AERA, and the 2014 Relating Research to Practice Award. Dr. Harper has also received the 2009 ASHE Early Career Award, the 2012 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Robert H. Shaffer Award for Faculty Excellence, and the 2014 American College Personnel Association Contribution to Knowledge Award.

Dr. Harper has been interviewed on CNN, ESPN and NPR. He has also been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed. He was appointed to President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper advisory council in 2015, and was recognized in Education Week as one of the 12 most influential professors in the field of education in 2016.

Dr. Harper is currently undertaking some incredible work to provide more equitable educational opportunities for all students. In his work as Co-Director for RISE for Boys and Men of Color, Dr. Harper is spearheading a three year project that aims to advance research and improve the “lives, experiences and outcomes of Asian Americans, Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans” (gse.upenn.edu). RISE works to combat inequality on four fronts: education, health, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development. Dr. Harper also created and leads the Penn Equaity Institutes for educational leaders in K-12 schools and districts.

Throughout his work, Dr. Harper has shown a commitment to equality and to promoting equal-opportunity cultures. This is not just limited to racial equality, but sexual equality as well. In a recent article featured in the Washington Post, Dr. Harper spoke specifically to the role that men have to play in combating sexism and misogynistic language. In this article, Dr. Harper spoke about “locker room talk” and how both participation in, and silence in the face of, locker room talk makes us all commiserate actors in promoting sexism and sexist culture.

Dr. Harper received his Ph.D in Higher Education from Indiana University, his M.S. in College Student Affairs Administration from Indiana University, and his B.S. in Middle Grades Education from Albany State University.

Twitter – @DrShaunHarper
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