Launch Pad

Ins and outs of planning a new business, raising the money you need, and making the connections that count.

Have a great idea for a new product? Starting a business for the first time? Learn the ins and outs of raising the money you need and making the connections that count. Broadcasting from Wharton’s San Francisco, in the heart of the venture capital world, hosts Karl Ulrich, CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce and Advisor on Asia Strategy at the Wharton School, and Rob Coneybeer (WG’96), Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Shasta Ventures, both successful entrepreneurs, will share their secrets and interview the best in the business. Launch Pad airs every Monday from 5PM-6PM Eastern only on SiriusXM 132. We’d love to take your calls at 1-844-WHARTON (1-844-942-7866).

Hosted by

Karl Ulrich

Rob Coneybeer

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