Adam Devito

Founder and CEO, Monj Health

Adam Devito has a rich food background as creator of the New Concept Development group at Kraft Foods ($7B of incremental growth), co-author of 11 books on healthy cooking and founder a school for professional chefs. He has a decade as Managing Partner of Sterling-Rice Group, a strategy and innovation consulting firm in the food, health and wellness spaces.


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Bay Area Ventures: April 8, 2019 Episode Featured ImageBay Area Ventures: April 8, 2019

Hosts Roland Vandermeer, Doug Collom, and Irina Yuen are joined by Adam Devito (Founder and CEO, Monj Health), David Amin (Chief Operating Officer, Monj Health), and Angela TenBroeck (CEO, Foodery Farms) on the Monday, April 8, 2019 edition of Bay Area Ventures.

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