Adil Kassam


Adil is a film, media, and tech entrepreneur who brings a loving heart to unifying humanity in meditation and elevating consciousness in all parts of the planet. As founder, visionary and CEO of, he has partnered with the United Nations to host Global Synchronized Meditations on International Day of Peace, which engage millions of people in +1500 cities around the world. On August 8, 2015, UNIFY set its first Guinness World Record with the Chopra Center for the largest global meditation in human history. Adil loves bringing consciousness-expanding content to the world through UNIFY’s online platforms, which reach an audience of up to 190 million people per month on Facebook. UNIFY conducts global meditations on World Water Day, Earth Day, Yoga Day, Peace Day and World Spirit Day.

Before UNIFY, Adil co-founded and served as the CEO of numerous conscious companies dedicated to uplifting wellbeing for people and the planet. These creative ventures include Resonate Creative Labs, the Holosphere Immersive Dome and PlayItFWD – a transformative film-gifting platform that donates a portion of each sale to a charitable causes related to the film. He was also co-CEO of Elevate Films (, a film production company based out of Southern California that is dedicated to making us feel good about being human. Finally, he founded Guru Digital Arts College a mentor-oriented learning environment that merges art and technology to help students prepare to enter the digital media industry.


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Host Roland Vandermeer is joined by Komal Ahmad (Founder & CEO, Copia) and Adil Kassam (CEO, UNIFY) on the Monday, August 5, 2019 edition of Bay Area Ventures.

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