AJ Gentile

CEO and Owner, SpeedWeed

AJ Gentile is the CEO and owner of SpeedWeed, California’s largest marijuana delivery service. In 2011, Gentile chose to follow the “Green Rush” after seeing a niche in the growing market for a platform that could deliver top-notch product legally, safely and discretely. Gentile utilized his vast software development experience to create a highly efficient workflow management and logistics platform.

Since then, he has guided the company to $5M+ per year with a client base of over 26,000. Prior to launching SpeedWeed, Gentile, a longtime MENSA member, sold his first software application when he was 11 years old. Throughout the 1990s, Gentile helped launch several technology startups, the largest being MacConnect, the first Internet Service Provider for Macintosh users only. When he sold his stake in the company, it was the largest and most profitable ISP of its kind in history.

Before entering the Cannabis Industry, he owned and operated Government Response, Inc., a business that built software for government agencies and elected officials. GRI had clients ranging from small villages to large agencies across the United States. GRI developed applications for many elected officials including County Commissioners, Borough Presidents, large city Mayors, state legislators and several members of the United States Congress. At the time, GRI was one of only three software companies authorized to develop secure constituent management applications for the US Congress. Gentile still maintains close relationships with politicians of all parties in all levels of government.

AJ Gentile is very engaged in the cannabis public company space. He partners with and advises several publicly traded companies on compliance and product distribution.

He is an experienced television and radio host, producer and writer and has hosted national shows on MTV, VH1, and Playboy Radio. He is a board member of the “National Marijuana News” network, which launched in the summer of 2014.

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