Alina Trigubenko

CEO and Founder, awarenow

Alina Trigubenko is an entrepreneur and a former media producer. Her current venture is awarenow – a practice and learning management platform and a marketplace for practitioners and coaching businesses. They are on the mission to scale wellbeing for the benefit of the ecosystem by partnering with change-makers and enhancing their offerings with an innovative all-in-one platform to help them grow, and their clientele to get access to the right help at the right time.

She previously founded a chain of health food vending machines business servicing businesses as well as community areas and supporting local farmers and healthy food producers. She also produced multiple shows, documentaries, as well as world-renown project AirPano. AirPano’s mission is to show the world from the bird’s eye view and enable people that don’t have physical or financial ability to travel virtually. Earning a Guinness Record and many other awards, AirPano works with many governments, the United Nations, National Geographic, Google, Apple, Facebook, LG, and so on.


Twitter- @imalinatri


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