Amish Shah

President, ALTR Created Diamonds

As President of ALTR Created Diamonds, the vertically integrated created diamond division of R.A. Riam Group, Amish Shah is on a mission to bring back the desire for diamonds.

A leader in the fields of diamond and jewelry manufacturing with prodigious technology skills, Amish’s strategic vision has driven the growth of created diamonds and captured the imagination of the modern consumer like never before. It was Amish’s foresight on industry-disrupting technology, combined with a deep knowledge consumer demand, that helped establish ALTR’s leadership position in the emerging created diamonds space.

At ALTR, Amish’s team leverages proprietary technology to amplify the code of diamonds and create bigger, more brilliant Type IIA carats. Forged with the heat and pressure that can only be matched by the passion of modern love, ALTR Created Diamonds are identical in chemical, optical, and physical composition to the finest mined diamonds in the world.

Amish gained deep fine jewelry and diamond business experience by entering the family business in 1992; he started at an early age to manage the operations. Seeking to expand his knowledge base, Amish left the family business in 2001 and joined a fourth generation U.S. Company, R & R Grosbard Inc., in New York.  Amish transformed R & R Grosbard, which had been a traditional diamond distributor and domestic jewelry manufacturer, into an international powerhouse, providing customized products in a wide variety of countries based on regional specialization and sourcing strengths. In addition to growing the company in the United States, he led its international expansion into Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Israel, and European Union.

After 10 years, Amish took over the operations of R & R Grosbard Inc. and led a merger with his family business, creating R. A. Riam Group Inc. in New York. The new global company has affiliations in several countries for distribution and sourcing, allowing it to grow to a global industry leader. R. A. Riam Group’s specialty is producing fine jewelry products that have components and labor from multiple sources around the world, providing global specialization to local customers.

Amish earned his degree from the Lala Lajpatrai College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai where he studied Accounting and Economics.


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