Amy Frederickson

Founder, Revitaliste

Amy Frederickson is the Founder of Revitaliste, an end-to-end, streamlined service for revitalizing vintage and pre-owned furnishings for retail clients and design professionals.

Revitaliste was born out of Amy’s lifelong love for reimagining old furniture and the struggle that too often went with it – there was nothing easy about it. She understood that if she was frustrated, others must be as well, and she could do something about it — she had an intimate understanding of the problem and the passion, knowledge and professional background to design a better process. She believed that if revitalizing were easier and more accessible, people would buy new less often, and invest in existing furnishings to create one-of-a-kind pieces. A sustainable brand was born.

From its inception in 2015, Revitaliste has transformed the process of revitalizing furnishings into an easy, accessible and transparent experience. Having grown into a thriving business in the SF Bay Area, Amy expanded Revitaliste to Los Angeles at the end of 2018, and launched an innovative online fabric resource with over 5000 fabrics from 120 textile designers from around the world to provide clients with a tool to explore new fabrics and select the upholstery for their revitalization projects. Amy and Revitaliste have been featured on,, SF Girl By Bay and many other design blogs, and have served as a partner at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase since 2016.

Early on, Amy learned that furniture with good bones can live in virtually any space and meld with any aesthetic. Her parents invested in beautiful, quality-crafted furniture when they were first married, and revitalized the pieces to suit their evolving style each decade. Transforming vintage and “found” furniture into unique pieces grew into a personal passion for Amy that eventually served as the spark for Revitaliste.

After beginning her career with a decade in finance at large investment banks in New York, London and Buenos Aires, Amy transitioned to the world of branding, working at creative agencies on strategy and brand valuation projects in the US, Europe and South America. She soon explored her entrepreneurial leanings, launching a custom clothing business during the first internet boom, before harnessing her business and language skills to serve the nonprofit sector supporting entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses in developing countries.

Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin School of Business and a Masters Degree in Economic Development from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese Amy has lived in 9 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa. She serves on the Global Advisory Committee for Technoserve.


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