Angela TenBroeck

CEO, Foodery Farms

Angela TenBroeck has been a serial entrepreneur since her college years in the early 90s – with experience in both the public and private sector. A fourth-generation farmer, TenBroeck and her family have farmed hydroponically in North Florida since the 1970s. Additionally, she is a professional educator whom has logged over fifteen years of experience in middle and high-school education and administration with emphasis in STEM and health curricula before she retired to pursue the dream of feeding the world differently.

In 2013, her passion for sustainability and community outreach led TenBroeck on a journey to launch the Center for Sustainable Agricultural Excellence & Conservation, a nonprofit with a goal to change the lives of local farmers by offering a model for modern and sustainable farming practice. Given her background, she is an accomplished public speaker (e.g. TEDx 2014) with subject-matter expertise in food safety, water and soil conservation techniques, STEM Health/Medicine education and advanced methods of sustainable agriculture in
controlled environment agriculture.

Leveraging her experience in developing and operating the first commercial aquaponics facility to obtain Safe Quality Food Level 3 certification, in 2015 as the leader at Traders Hill Farm. TenBroeck in early 2017 sold the day-to-day farm operations at Traders Hill Farm to focus on broader industry opportunities.

Today, her current project is Foodery Farms which changes the way brownfields are used in communities with food insecurities a company leading the way in services to develop and operate controlled environment facilities to grow the highest quality and safest produce year-round, regardless of climate, using the innovative ideas developed and practiced while the lead scientist managing Traders Hill Farm, a Hilliard, FL. based aquaponics farm she helped create in 2012. Traders Hill Farm is just one the facilities that TenBroeck has been involved with. Her work can be discovered embedded across the United States, Europe and in the Caribbean.


Twitter- @angelatenbroeck


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