Arianna Brown

Pauline Brown's Daughter

Arianna Brown, 12, lives in Long Island with her parents Pauline and Marshall, older brother Julian, younger dog Boo, and 7 turtles, ranging in age from 8 to 35 years old. She attends Middle School (but only when she has to) and is a member of the track team. Her passions include drawing, videography, travel and shopping. In addition, she is an ardent supporter of animal rights and programs for individuals with disabilities. When she grows up, she aspires to be a famous singer, but, as a backup, would like to be a special ed teacher.


On Wharton Business Radio

Trendsetters: May 16, 2017 Episode Featured ImageTrendsetters: May 16, 2017

Host Pauline Brown is joined by Arianna Brown (Pauline Brown’s Daughter) and Lara Avsar (Founder, Her Little Story) on the Tuesday, May 16, 2017 edition of Trendsetters.

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