Blake Irving

CEO & Board Director, GoDaddy

Blake Irving is the CEO and Board Director of GoDaddy, the world’s largest platform for small business and solopreneurs—helping millions of independent ventures to grow and thrive online by giving them the digital tools and insights to turn their ambitions into something real. Under Mr. Irving’s direction, GoDaddy has developed a global-scale cloud platform that powers their customer’s digital presence, communications, marketing, commerce, back-office administration and peer/community support. The platform now serves 17 million paying customers in 125 markets worldwide.

A technology pioneer for 35+ years, Blake has been at the forefront of innovation, playing a key role in many digital tools and services that are now internet staples, including digital communications, online advertising, and massive-scale service platforms known collectively today as “the cloud.” Before taking the helm at GoDaddy, Blake was Chief Product Officer at Yahoo! and prior to that, head of Global Cloud Platforms at Microsoft.

Twitter – @blakei


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Host David Robertson is joined by Blake Irving (CEO & Board Director, GoDaddy) and Brian Blum (Author, TOTALED: The Billion-Dollar Crash of the Startup that Took on Big Auto, Big Oil and the World) on the Tuesday, October 17, 2017 edition of Innovation Navigation.

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