Carreen Winter

Chairman of Reputation & Chief Strategy Officer, MWWPR

Carreen Winter leads MWWPR’s Corporate Reputation Management practice, covering all aspects of corporate reputation including executive positioning, employee engagement, CSR and citizenship, crisis and issues management and labor relations. Beginning her career with MWWPR 27 years ago, Carreen has been responsible for some of the agency’s most recognized work. She is a noted blogger, author and speaker on topics related to reputation, and appears regularly in the national news media including the WSJ’s Crisis of the Week.


Twitter- @MWW_PR


On Wharton Business Radio

Marketing Matters: January 9, 2019 Episode Featured ImageMarketing Matters: January 9, 2019

Hosts Americus Reed and Barbara Kahn are joined by Tyler Suiters (VP of Communications, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)), Carreen Winter (Chairman of Reputation & Chief Strategy Officer, MWWPR), Charles Herman (Chief Medical Officer, Somatix Inc.), and Eran Ofir (CEO & Co-founder, Somatix) on the Wednesday, January 9, 2019 edition of Marketing Matters.

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