Craig Stoll

Owner & Founder, Delfina Restaurant Group

James Beard Award Winner and critically acclaimed chef Craig Stoll sparked his culinary journey into Italian cuisine during an externship at Tuscany’s Michelin-star Da Delfina. In 1998, Craig and Annie Stoll opened Delfina, a bustling Italian trattoria in the Mission, proving upscale cuisine could be served in a warm, neighborhood atmosphere. In 2005, they opened Pizzeria Delfina next door, followed by a Pacific Heights location in 2009, then Burlingame and Palo Alto in 2013 and 2014, and, finally, in Downtown San Francisco in December 2018. Craig solidified his reputation as one of the country’s most dynamic and influential chefs with Locanda, a Roman-inspired Osteria and Bar.


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Hosts Doug Collom and Irina Yuen are joined by Craig Stoll (Owner & Founder, Delfina Restaurant Group), Wayne Ting (Global Head of Operations & Strategy, Lime), Anne Stoll (Owner & Founder, Delfina Restaurant Group), and Owen Thomas (Business Editor, San Francisco Chronicle) on the Monday, August 12, 2019 edition of Bay Area Ventures.

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