Curt von Badinski

Chief Technology Officer, Motiv Inc.

Curt von Badinski is cofounder and chief technology officer of Motiv Inc., a San Francisco-based company that’s reinventing the wearable with its first product, Motiv Ring. Always at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, von Badinski is responsible for establishing and leading Motiv’s long-term technology vision as well as its product pipeline. As CTO, he identifies market needs and how best to fill them through a combination of ingenuity and engineering expertise—pushing the bounds of what’s possible. In this position, von Badinski is constantly ideating and strategizing ways to utilize emerging technologies in a first-of-their-kind way. While he oversees R&D, which includes product sourcing, building and testing, he remains hands-on in this process to ensure the end result is of the highest quality—evidenced by the fact that he made all original prototypes for Motiv’s first product at his machine shop.

With more than 15 years of technology experience, von Badinski has an extensive background in product design and development. Prior to joining Motiv, he was a mechanical engineer at Cisco, where he gained experience in high volume consumer electronics. At Lockheed Martin, von Badinski worked on robotics and space mechanisms for future satellite designs. As a mechatronics engineer at Speck Design, he gained additional consumer products experience, including the development of teleconferencing equipment and phone accessories. In addition, a dynamic blend of technology expertise and business acumen helped von Badinski establish the cinema camera accessories company View Factor.

Von Badinski has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University and also studied Mechanical Engineering at California Polytechnic State University.