Dickson Chu

Global Head of Portfolio Management, BBVA NDB

Dickson Chu is the Global Head of Portfolio Management at BBVA. Here he has overall responsibility for the governance, budget and strategic direction of BBVA’s growing portfolio of Fintech businesses such as Simple in the US, Holvi in Finland, Atom Bank in the UK, Muno in Spain and OpenPay in Mexico.

Previously Dickson was Chief Product Officer and EVP Corporate Development at Ingo Money where he was responsible for strategy, product management, strategic alliances and M&A. Ingo Money is transforming consumer access to money to fuel consumer adoption of new and existing digital payment platforms. In September 2016 he transitioned out of management onto the Ingo Money board of directors prior to joining BBVA.

Dickson received his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Mary’s College of California. Currently he serves on the boards of Simple, Azlo, OpenPay, Denizen, Upturn, Ingo Money, Boomtown and Opportunity Fund (a non-profit providing loans to small and emerging businesses); and, previously served on the boards of Bluefin Payments and CFY.org (a non-profit that provides a digital learning platform to public middle schools – www.powermylearning.org). He was a Strategic Advisor to LoopPay (acquired by Samsung), Leapset (acquired by Sysco Foods), Cortex MCP (acquired by Uphold), Confirm.io (acquired by Facebook), Anywhere Commerce and Sequent.


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