Elaine Orler

CEO and Founder, Talent Function

EO and founder of Talent Function, Elaine Orler has been developing and implementing HR solutions since 1993. With a keen analytical eye and passion about helping companies enhance their talent acquisition processes, she is uniquely able to identify how talent acquisition impacts both workforces and employers. One of the talent acquisition industry’s most sought-after thought leaders, Elaine has helped global organizations transform their recruiting processes with actionable strategies and technology implementations that optimize talent acquisition for HR professionals, hiring managers, job candidates and the company overall.

Often quoted in leading HR and business publications, including Wall Street Journal, Human Resource Executive, and Talent Management, Elaine is well-respected as a talent acquisition and talent management expert and takes an active role in industry events and associations.

Elaine is always tuned into the latest trends, and is currently the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference Chair. She continually works with practitioners and serves an analyst to the solution provider community to shape the way talent management and recruiting solutions are delivered. She is invested in all aspects of the market that improve recruiting performance from candidate experience (co-founder of Talent Board, the founding organization of the Candidate Experience Awards) to optimal candidate selection with TalVista (owner).

She has presented one-of-a-kind recruiting and candidate experience thought leadership at some of the industry’s most innovative and popular events, including the HR Technology Conference, the SHRM Annual Conference, ERE, and HRO Today Forum among others.


Twitter- @elaineorler


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