Lara Avsar

Founder, Her Little Story

Lara Avsar is an entrepreneur living between New York and Boston. In her first year of graduate school, Avsar discovered a life-changing statistic: girls’ self-esteem peaks at age nine. To combat that statistic, she launched Her Little Story, a feminist media company publishing storybooks introducing real female role models – not fictional characters – to young girls.

Born and raised in Alabama, Avsar earned her BA in Mathematics-Statistics and Middle Eastern Studies from Barnard College and is currently completing her MBA at Harvard Business School.


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Trendsetters: May 16, 2017 Episode Featured ImageTrendsetters: May 16, 2017

Host Pauline Brown is joined by Arianna Brown (Pauline Brown’s Daughter) and Lara Avsar (Founder, Her Little Story) on the Tuesday, May 16, 2017 edition of Trendsetters.

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