Lea Dunn

Assistant Professor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Lea Dunn is an expert in consumer psychology who studies how consumers interact and form relationships with brands. Her research examines how environmental influences such as emotions, mortality reminders, and social cues (e.g., through online reviews and social media) influence perceptions of and relationships with brands. Her publications appear in top academic journals including Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Marketing Research.


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Marketing Matters: October 24, 2018 Episode Featured ImageMarketing Matters: October 24, 2018

Hosts Americus Reed and Barbara Kahn are joined by Lea Dunn (Assistant Professor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington), Ana Serafin Smith (Senior Director, Media Relations, National Retail Federation), and Steven Silverstein (President & CEO, Spencer Spirit Holdings, Inc.) on the Wednesday, October 24, 2018 edition of Marketing Matters.

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