Louie Gasparini

CEO, Covault

Louie Gasparini is CEO of Covault. His record as a digital innovator spans the early days of the Internet. While working as an executive for Wells Fargo in 1996, he oversaw the first online banking experience offered by a major bank. Later, he founded Passmark Security, a company specializing in user and site authentication. In 2006, when RSA acquired Passmark, Gasparini became the Chief Technology Officer. He then co-founded Personal Capital, a company disrupting the investment world with online tools, personal investment advisers and investment offerings. Louie joined BBVA as an entrepreneur-in-residence where Covault was incubated.


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Host Harbir Singh is joined by Louie Gasparini (CEO, Covault) and Ken Kocienda (Author, N/A) on the Thursday, October 18, 2018 edition of Mastering Innovation.

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