Mark Somol

Co-Founder & CEO, Zeal Technology

As a co-founder of Zeal, Mark is passionate about creating positive impact on the lives of company employees. If people are the greatest part of any company, then employee engagement and company culture are the key to creating an environment where people can thrive and succeed. Mark, and Zeal, seeks to equip company leaders with the tools and information necessary to make their organizations great places to work.

After eight years of running technology companies, ten years as a venture capitalist and over twenty years leading and managing people, Mark has learned how to motivate, engage and cultivate loyal teams of staff members. These methods must be scaled to reach people easily and quickly. Mark is a firm believer in technology as a powerful tool to connect people and as an elegant solution to large-scale challenges. That is why he founded Zeal, with a very talented group of people.

Previously, Mark served as Percussion Software’s President, driving the launch of Percussion’s first SaaS product and transforming the company culture. Prior to joining Percussion, Mark served as COO and CFO at Mzinga, a SaaS company with HR products, and was a Principal at NeoCarta Ventures, a $300M venture capital fund. At NeoCarta, Mark worked closely with the CEOs of portfolio companies on business strategy, raising capital, M&A transactions, and operations. After beginning his career at Oracle, he helped to grow the Oracle Financing Division from a $150M US operation to a $500M global business.

Mark holds a BA in Quantitative Economics from Stanford University and an MBA with Distinction from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


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