Michael Farid

CEO & Co-Founder, Spyce

As CEO, Michael leads Spyce’s vision and business strategy in identifying original ways to further culinary expectations with technology. As the engineering and operations lead, Michael works with the technical and culinary teams to drive the company’s mission of increasing accessibility to delicious and wholesome food.
Of Egyptian descent and raised in Dubai, Michael came to the U.S.
at 18 years old to study at MIT. He has always loved inventing – from building a self-balancing bicycle to designing a segway electric skateboard, the latter of which won the university’s mechanical engineering design innovation award. Michael also worked as a design engineer at Space-X.
While earning his master’s degree, Michael was no longer offered a student meal plan, forcing him to try cooking for the first time. While his attempts completely floundered, his innate entrepreneurial nature made him interested in learning more about food production and efficiency. His engineering background, coupled with MIT’s network of student-founded startups, allowed him to experiment with the idea of increasing efficiency in food systems through advanced robotics. Michael’s vision of a stir-fry robot, today Spyce’s robotic kitchen, was the perfect way of aligning his personal cooking dilemma with his entrepreneurial spirit.


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