Michael Skimbo

Professional Madden Player, Lazarus ESports

Michael Skimbo is widely considered the best Madden player in the world

Skimbo is the top earner in Madden Championship Series play over the last two seasons combined and currently stands as the only Madden competitor with three Madden Championship Series belts, one from the 2017 Madden Challenge, one from the 2018 Madden Classic and one from the 2019 Madden Classic.

Skimbo made a deep run in the 2018 Ultimate League with a 7-3 regular season record but fell in the playoffs to Abbott “Blocky” Lopez.

Sometimes referred to as the “Bill Belichick of Madden,” Skimbo makes a living adjusting to his opponents and calling his shots; he is a legitimate contender in each and every tournament he enters.

Skimbo’s tournament games are broadcast on numerous platforms including Madden’s Twitch account which have over 170,000 followers


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