Miguel Quiroga

CEO, Visible

Miguel Quiroga is the CEO of Visible, the first all digital and app-based wireless carrier in the U.S. Backed by Verizon and designed with an innovative first to market technology model, Visible has no stores, no contracts, and speedy customer service. It offers one unlimited plan (talk, text, data, and mobile hotspot), at one price ($40/all in), on Verizon’s powerful 4G LTE network.

Under Miguel’s leadership, Visible is uniquely engineered to completely change and simplify the experience of consumers and revolutionize the mobile industry.

With over nearly twenty years in telecommunications, Miguel has led organizations and strategies in every layer of the industry, including wireless, wireline, and internet, all while maintaining the fine balance between profitability and customer satisfaction. During his tenure at Verizon he served in a number of key leadership and executive roles, including Head of Customer Business Intelligence and Employee Experience. Furthermore, in his most recent role at Fios as the Vice President and Head of Digital, he re-wrote the playbook on designing innovative ways in which consumers can choose how they prefer to receive internet and cable services.

Miguel is an active member of the Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC) for which he’s also a two time HITEC 100 award recipient.

He holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BS in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Dallas.

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