Omar Akhtar

Managing Editor, Altimeter Group

Omar Akhtar is the managing editor of Altimeter Group. He oversees the editorial process behind all of Altimeter’s publications, including its research reports, daily blog and multimedia content. Omar’s research focus is paid, earned and owned content strategy, and marketing technology.

Previously, Omar was the editor-in-chief of the marketing technology news site The Hub where he covered the latest trends, tools and strategies in the world of digital marketing, big data, social media, and mobile. He has frequently served as a moderator in conferences and panel discussions on the above topics.

Before The Hub, Omar worked as a tech and finance reporter at Fortune Magazine, where he contributed to the publication’s most popular lists, included the Fortune 500, The Best Places to Work, and the 40 under 40.

Omar has a masters degree from Columbia University’s Journalism School, with a specialization in digital media. In a previous life he fronted a rock band, and hosted a top-rated radio show in his native Pakistan.

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