Patrick Cozzi

CEO, Cesium

Patrick is the CEO of Cesium, where he works at the intersection of business and product to shape the future vision of 3D geospatial. He’s the creator of Cesium and the 3D Tiles open standard, and co-created glTF – a leading open graphics standard.

Patrick is active in the open source and open standards communities, striving to maximize the potential of computer graphics and geospatial technology and bring them to new and underserved markets.

He’s a frequent conference presenter, has contributed to over ten books on mapping, computer graphics, and games, and has taught hundreds of computer science students at the University of Pennsylvania.

He earned a CME from the Harvard Business School and an MSE from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2019, Patrick received the Khronos “Khronie” award for outstanding contributions to open standards.


Twitter- @cesiumjs


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