Pete Colabelli

Owner, Michael's Custom Cuts

In 1939 Michael Colabelli, an Italian barber from San Bartolomeo, Italy (in the province of Benevento), opened a barber shop 40th and Spruce Street in Philadelphia and called it Michael’s. His son, (and our guest) Peter Colabelli ran the shop from 1961-2000, and now Pete’s son, Michael, runs the family business.

Pete still keeps University City looking great on a part time basis, and has seen everything from beehives, to mop tops, afros, to big 80’s bleached hair. These styles come and go, but Michael’s Custom Cuts has remained a staple in University City for 79 years.


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In the Workplace: July 12, 2018 Episode Featured ImageIn the Workplace: July 12, 2018

Hosts Peter Cappelli and Dan O’Meara are joined by Pete Colabelli (Owner, Michael’s Custom Cuts), Janice Le (VP of Global Marketing and Chief Marketer, Aruba), and Adam Levin (Founder and CEO; Co-Founder of, CyberScout) on the Thursday, July 12, 2018 edition of In the Workplace.

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