Rachael Garrett

Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich

Dr. Garrett’s research examines interactions between land use, ecosystem services, and economic development at multiple spatial and temporal scales to better understand the drivers and impacts of land change and the effectiveness of existing conservation and agricultural policies. She is particularly interested in how commodity supply chains interact with environmental institutions to shape land use processes, resource distribution, and trade. The applied outcomes of this work are the identification of policies, technologies, and market solutions that will help feed a growing world population without compromising the well-being of future generations. She is particularly interested in ways that we can scale up sustainable practices in commercial farming systems, which occupy a majority of the world’s land base.


Twitter- @rach_garr


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Host Dan Loney is joined by Rachael Garrett (Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich), Robert Walker (Professor of Latin American Studies and Geography, University of Florida), and Cynthia Dahl (Practice Professor of Law; Director of Detkin IP and Technology Legal Clinic, University of Pennsylvania Law School) on the Thursday, September 5, 2019 edition of Knowledge@Wharton.

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