Rossano Ferretti

Preeminent hair stylist; Salon owner; Entrepreneur

Rossano Ferretti, the grandson of Renato, a barber and son of hairdresser Gigliola, was born in Campegine, a village of 500 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Emilia in 1960. As a child who loved beauty and the harmony of proportions, the family drove him to follow in the footsteps of tradition, so at age 14, he found himself in hairdressing school. After one year at beauty school, Rossano wanted to look for a new challenge, so he went to London, where he discovered the hair design, Mary Quant, Twiggy and a new kind of fashion. When Rossano returned to Italy, he began to offer exclusive and luxury custom services to celebrities, influencers, and socialites worldwide.

He opened his first salon in Parma, followed by Verona, Chiavari, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Belgrade, Miami, Mumbai, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Maldives, Beijing and Shanghai over the next 20 years and each salon was as successful as the last.

The key to the success of Rossano Ferretti is the creation of his own method; his natural instinct for beauty, led to a revolution in the way of understanding the style of hair: the haircut with the natural fall. It is due to the movements of stylist’s body and it brings a new aesthetic that rejects standardization and conformity. From the beginning, his method of hairdressing was appreciated by women because he understood the essence of their femininity and he interpreted this with taste, discretion and respect.

Rossano Ferretti then found in L’Oreal, an ideal partner to further achieve that excellence in service, which is a prerequisite of the “Method”. Become, in 2008 , the international spokesperson for L’Oreal Professionel Luxury Brands, participated, as a testimonial, in press conferences for the launch of their new best products, in the top country in the world. In 2012, Rossano Ferretti developed a format for a worldwide tour, beginning in Shanghai, with a tailor-made seminar inspiring the best hairdressers in the world. This series of seminars will enable Rossano to present his keys to success with others, all while sharing and teaching his passionate vision of “the next future of luxury experience concept in the hair business” is now developing a new concept of few Luxury Franchising and collaborations with the best Hotel Chains, to expand, in a very selective way, his vision of Luxury Experience Salons.

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