Sebastian Jackson

CEO and Founder, Social Club Grooming Company

Sebastian Jackson, 29, was born and raised in two of the most improvised cities in America. He was born in Flint, MI and raised on Detroit’s west side (Joy Rd. and Grandville) before moving to Kalamazoo, where he attended high school. He returned to Detroit to study Journalism at Wayne State University in 2004.

He launched The Social Club Grooming Company in 2012 on the Midtown campus of Wayne State University.

The Social Club is a barbershop concept that is elevating the men’s grooming experience. In addition to classic grooming services, The Social Club uses the barbershop as a platform to connect people through their monthly ShopTalk series, which is a barbershop style TEDTalk. People of interest serve as panelists while getting a haircut. The audience asks questions that they may not have the opportunity to ask in a setting outside of their barbershop community. Pats panelists have included, Grammy award winning artists, NFL players, venture capitalists, and startups to name a few.

In addition to community engagement, The Social Club focuses on providing grooming services for the purpose of recycling the byproducts of those haircuts to help with urban reforestation. All of the hair clippings collected at the Social Club are used as a nitrogen source in compost. Every 12 pounds of hair collected provides enough nitrogen to help sustain the growth of 10 sapling annually.

Most recently, The Social Club has been recognized as apart of two documentary series featuring innovative start-ups throughout the country. These documentaries were aired on PBS and CNN/HLN. Sebastian has also been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School.


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