Shachar Orren

Chief Storyteller, Playbuzz

Shachar Orren is Chief Storyteller at Disney-backed storytelling platform, Playbuzz. In this role, she oversees the company’s global marketing and communications, as well as creative strategy for publisher and brand partners. Prior to joining Playbuzz as the sixth employee, Shachar spent nine years as a journalist at Israel’s largest daily newspapers. This enabled her to transition well to a digital disruptor focused on creating technologies to solve the media’s pain points – such as how to capture fleeting attention spans and boost audience engagement. Shachar has been covered and published in Forbes, Fox News and Adweek, and enjoys guest-lecturing at top-tier journalism universities in her free time on the future of the newsroom, how digital storytelling is impacting our society, and the importance of content that creates a dialogue with your audience.


Twitter- @Shacharo | @Playbuzzbiz


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