Tayyib Smith

Principal, SmithnRoller & Little Giant Creative

Tayyib Smith; Co-founder; Principle of Meta Global, parent company to Little Giant Creative and The Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship, is dedicated to cultural competency and the ability to engage multicultural audiences. He co-founded Pipeline Philly to serve as an inviting and dynamic co-working space filled with professionals from various backgrounds and industries, creating one of the most diverse workspaces in the city.

Mr. Smith is also a partner  S&R Holdings is a real estate company that engages and invites diverse stakeholders of neighborhoods to become part of a growing, multicultural and multi-socioeconomic tapestry.  Tayyib has long been a successful conduit of professional and cultural ecosystems. He is a fellow of the  Place Lab Ethical Redevelopment Salon at the University of Chicago and sits on the boards of Prizm Art Fair, Black Star Film Fest, and the Green Light Fund.


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Dollars and Change: March 21, 2019 Episode Featured ImageDollars and Change: March 21, 2019

Hosts Sandi Hunt and Katherine Klein are joined by Tayyib Smith (Principal, SmithnRoller & Little Giant Creative), Emily Barman (Professor of Sociology, Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Boston University), Kathryn Kaufman (Managing Director, Global Women’s Issues, Overseas Private Investment Corporation), and Miriam Altman (Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Kinvolved) on the Thursday, March 21, 2019 edition of Dollars and Change.

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