Wayne Ting

Global Head of Operations & Strategy, Lime

Wayne Ting is Lime’s Global Head of Operations & Strategy. He joined Lime in October 2018 to help the world’s leading smart mobility company leverage best-in-class technology and innovation to transform cities and the way people get around them by providing access to more sustainable, convenient mobility options.

Before joining Lime, Wayne spent 4.5 years at Uber, serving in various roles including as Chief of Staff to the CEO, and as the General Manager of Uber’s Northern California business. Prior to Uber, Wayne served as Senior Policy Advisor in Obama White House’s National Economic Council where he focused on housing finance reform. Prior to the White House, Wayne worked at Bain Capital and at McKinsey & Company. Before that, he co-founded CampusNetwork.com, the first college-based social networking site (started about 6 months before Facebook). Wayne is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Business School.


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