Sports is a game of numbers. Statistician experts Eric Bradlow, Shane Jensen, Cade Massey, and Adi Wyner team up to tackle the world of sports, from current events to longstanding issues such as: What sports streaks are the most impressive? How do you rank the best players? Can athletes be compared across sports? Wharton Moneyball explains how decision makers in the game can avoid the common mistakes and embrace the data.
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  • Past Guest Wed 6/27
    Luis Amaral

    Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering; co-Director, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems
    Northwestern University

  • Past Guest Wed 6/20
    Glenn Davis

    FOX Sports

  • Past Guest Wed 6/13
    Stefan Szymanski

    Author and Professor of Sport Management at the University of Michigan
    University of Michigan

  • Past Guest Wed 6/13
    Jeffrey Seder

    President, EQB, Inc. Bloodstock Agency
    EQB, Inc

  • Past Guest Wed 6/6
    Omar Chaudhuri

    Head of Football Intelligence
    21st Club

  • Past Guest Wed 6/6
    Etan Green

    Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions
    The Wharton School

  • Past Guest Wed 5/30
    Dean Oliver

    VP of Data Science; Author of "Basketball on Paper"
    TruMedia Networks

  • Past Guest Wed 5/9
    CJ Handron

    Co-Founder and CEO
    Diamond Kinetics

  • Past Guest Wed 5/9
    Tom Haberstroh

    Co-Founder, Writer and Analyst; Writer at Bleacher Report
    Spotlight Media Ventures

  • Past Guest Wed 5/2
    Namita Nandakumar

    Incoming Quantitative Analyst
    Philadelphia Eagles

  • Past Guest Wed 5/2
    Jeff Seder

    Founder & President

  • Past Guest Wed 4/25
    Phil Savage

    former General Manager; Director of Player Personnel and Director of College Scouting


Eric BradlowEric Bradlow

Professor Eric Bradlow is co-director of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. Professor Bradlow uses high-powered statistical models to solve problems on everything from Internet search engines to product assortment issues. Specifically, his research interests include statistics, marketing research, marketing management and data analysis, as well as any material related to customer analytics. Bradlow was recently named a fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Educational Research Association.

Shane JensenShane Jensen

Professor Shane Jensen is co-director of Wharton’s PhD program and an associate professor of statistics. His research covers applications in bioinformatics, Bayesian multi-level modeling, and statistics in sports, including developing novel statistical models for the comparison of baseball players in terms of on-field performance, evaluation of fielding ability as well as prediction of future hitting and pitching performance, and quantifying player performance in hockey.

Cade MasseyCade Massey

Professor Cade Massey works at the intersection of psychology and economics to investigate how behavior departs from rational models. A Wharton practice professor in Operations and Information Management, his expertise is judgment under uncertainty, with a focus on optimism, overconfidence, and learning. His research is based on both laboratory experiments and archival studies of “real world” behavior, such as the draft picks of professional football teams and the investment decisions of employees holding stock options.

Adi WynerAdi Wyner

Professor Abraham Wyner is chair of the Wharton undergraduate program in statistics and a tenured Associate Professor and the Chair of the Undergraduate Program in Statistics for the University of Pennsylvania. His principle focus at Wharton has been research in Applied Probability, Information Theory and Statistical Learning. Professor Wyner has participated in numerous consulting projects in various businesses, including as one the earliest consultants for TiVo, Inc, where he helped develop early personalization software. Dr. Wyner created some of the first on-line data summarization tools, while acting as CTO for Surfnotes, Inc. His interest in sports statistics has led to a collaboration with ESPN where Dr. Wyner was the PI on the ESPN-funded MLB player evaluation research project.

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