This is a former show that ended in 2015. Ever had a flight cancelled for no apparent reason? Maybe you've been put on hold for more than an hour trying to get questions about your computer answered. Thursdays on Business Radio, we take a look at business through the lens of customer service - how could the airline have handled that cancellation better? Should the computer company have offered to call you back? Which companies really follow the motto, "the customer is always right?" Call with your stories and get answers to your customer service questions.

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  • Past Guest Thu 5/28
    Brendon DeSimone

    Real Estate Expert
    Top Zillow Blogger

  • Past Guest Thu 5/28
    Dave Liniger

    CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder

  • Past Guest Thu 5/21
    Josh Gotbaum

    Guest Scholar
    Brookings Institution

  • Past Guest Thu 5/21
    Bryony Chamberlain

    Director of Operations

  • Past Guest Thu 5/14
    Victoria Macdonald

    Leader in learning & talent development for premier brands

  • Past Guest Thu 5/14
    Gareth Joyce

    Vice President
    Customer Services for Mercedes-Benz USA

  • Past Guest Thu 5/7
    Lisa Kossiski

    Vice President of Customer Care
    The Mark Travel Corporation

  • Past Guest Thu 5/7
    Jon Gray

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Past Guest Thu 4/30
    Suzie Dieth

    Customer Experience Manager
    Reliant Energy

  • Past Guest Thu 4/30
    Rick DeLisi

    Sr. Director

  • Past Guest Thu 4/23
    Dave Andrzejewski

    Dave’s Auto and Truck Services

  • Past Guest Thu 4/23
    Barbara Terry

    Nationally-Renowned Automotive Expert


Christian TerwieschChristian Terwiesch

Professor Christian Terwiesch, professor in Wharton’s Operations and Information Management department and co-director of Penn’s Mack Institute of Innovation Management, is a leading expert in innovation management and health care. BusinessWeek, the Financial Times and the Sloan Management Review have all featured the process-based approach to innovation outlined in his latest book, Innovation Tournaments. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, he has helped companies become more innovative, often by implementing innovation tournament events and by helping to restructure their innovation portfolio.

5/21/15 Josh Gotbaum with Christian

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