Amazon has revolutionized retailing, Uber is disrupting personal transportation, and algorithms are replacing investment managers on Wall Street. These and other new technologies often enhance the quality of products and services—but the trend also comes with major transformations in how companies operate, causing disruptions to established enterprises and changing the work of millions of people. Each week on “Work of Tomorrow”, we explore the latest technological advances by talking with company executives who are applying them to their daily operations and explore what the future holds: Will our grandchildren still be taught by a human teacher? Will truck drivers become obsolete with autonomous vehicles? Get answers to those questions and more each Monday at 5pm Eastern. Hosted by Wharton Professor Christian Terwiesch, Co-Director of Penn’s Mack Institute for Innovation Management.

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Christian TerwieschChristian Terwiesch

Christian Terwiesch is the Andrew M. Heller Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Professor in Wharton’s Operations and Information Management department, co-director of Penn’s Mack Institute for Innovation Management, and also holds a faculty appointment In Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine. His research on Operations Management and on Innovation Management appears in many of the leading academic journals ranging from Management Science to The New England Journal of Medicine. He is an award winning teacher with extensive experience in MBA teaching and executive education. He’s also co-author of Matching Supply with Demand, a widely used text-book in Operations Management that is now in its third edition.

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