Wharton Stories: Non-degree

Meet Ileri Akinnola, one of two recipients of Wharton’s inaugural Applied Neuroscience and Business Analytics Summer Undergraduate Internship for Underrepresented Students.

How Wharton Is Growing Diversity in Neuroscience

“It is often said that actions speak louder than words. But in law, words can speak louder than actions.” Wharton Social Impact WISE Fellow Edward Grigg, LLM candidate at Penn Law, reflects on the importance of legal documents in the field of impact investing.

Mission Impactful: Using a Legal Skillset to Research Impact Investing

Originally from Brazil, Vinicius Pires, WG’19, says his Wharton education will continue to pay off for the rest of his career.

Why this Student Sees the Wharton MBA as a Family Investment

From Moneyball to people analytics, Wharton Prof. Cade Massey focuses on how evidence-based decision making can help people and organizations thrive.

People Analytics Prof. Cade Massey Teaches Power and Negotiation Strategies in His Influence Elective

We have always been interested in more generally understanding underlying strengths — performance evaluation, talent evaluation, these are very general challenges in the world. They are far more applicable outside of sports.

Prof. Cade Massey Explains the Analytics Behind His NFL Rankings

Umi Howard shares 4 valuable insights he’s gained over the past 5 years as Director of the Lipman Family Prize.

How to Maximize the Potential of Social Impact Initiatives

“The hardest thing in a world full of technology is finding time to think. Technology only gives us information, but once we have that information we need the time to understand it.”

How Prof. Senthil Veeraraghavan Balances Technology and Engagement in the Classroom

Five key takeaways from academic leaders in business and senior leaders in industry at Wharton’s inaugural Business Education Online Learning Summit in September.

How Will Disruption Affect the Future of Business Education?

“I was looking for a program that would offer me the support and resources I needed to achieve academic and professional success and thrive as a mother — and I’m happy to say I’ve found that at Wharton.”

A Survival Kit for MBA Moms at Wharton

“The idea that we could create programming that could speak to individual women and make them feel like they could change things in their lives — who could ask to make more of an impact?”

Wharton Radio Show Earns a Gracie Award for Exceptional Programming for Women